Roving thoughts. Illustrated. With cats.

Roving thoughts. With cats.

I am looking though the window. Into a mostly Christian country, the first thing I see is a start-and-crescent on a mosque.

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My birth country can feed more than half of Europe.  But it’s food is almost all imported.

I was taken to a concert, in Moscow, with classical trained musicians, Irish and Scottish music arranged into a jazzy style, in a protestant church, with instruments including electric guitar and church organ.

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Being surrounded by people, including ones you love, does not keeps you away from solitude. The other way around is also true, in the sense that solitude can not keep you away from … yourself.

À Berlin les McDonalds are owned mostly by the Turks. The one I entered had no cappuccino.


I am not too of a ‘church-person’, but I was raised in faith. Only I doubt God listens when I ask him to protect me from the closest people, the one I love, from which I am totally defenseless. He keeps protecting me from enemies, although those I learn to protect myself by not having them.

Once, leaving London, where I got from Quebec, passing through Halifax and Glasgow, I was abandoned in Barcelona, where, even depressed,  I felt in love with a Spanish lady – and the city. 

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Very soon after, I meet the lady in Moscow, and I asked her hand. I was rejected.  After that, while on the ground in the Reed Square, trying to take a good shoot of Saint Basil Cathedral,  the perspective suddenly changed, well, radically I may say.

We strive to find happiness. Always in the wrong places.


Until we finally become aware that happiness is not to be found, or win, but is a very simply way of life.

On my right, an very old church, historic monument, abandoned, in a very bad shape. An announcement, looking for financial donations to restore it. At my left, an impressive Hindu temple, and a flow of people, well dressed, getting out from luxury cars, going to their Sunday religious gathering.


If you invest 60% of what you have (money, feelings, faith) in into a business, or a person, or a belief, and you loose, you keep the 40% anyway.  But when you invest yourself at 200%, and you loose, you are left with what?

There it is that statement into the dialectic philosophy: the goal of everything is the auto-annihilation. The skilled ones are advancing until reaching their incompetence level.  Perfect management is no need for anymore management. The war is made in the name and for reaching the peace. And when your life is helping others, when none left to help, drives your life meaningless.


Politics is the safest road to success for the nulls. And they are helped by the non-action of the more intelligent ones. Therefore, the question: which are the real ‘values’ first ones or the second ones?

There is that saying: we sleep as we layout out our bed.  My corollary: those that lays out only other people’s bed, will sleep on the floor.

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Well! Enough philosophy! Life is shallow!  / A little trouble / A little hope / and than .. good night!

Happy Birthday on the 66 road!